Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Guitar Heroes" Canceled!

That’s right, NABbers, that’s not a typo. After much deliberation, we at Not A Banana have decided to cancel the self-heralded web series we like to call “Guitar Heroes.” Why have we decided to kill such a series just as it was just gaining an audience? (This is up for debate, but according to Youtube, hits were up 95% this week...)

Well, there are many reasons for the cancellation. However, there is one reason that stands above all others -- “Heroes,” the NBC show which “Guitar Heroes” parodies, has become so bad it’s no more than a parody of itself. And that makes what we were doing a parody of a parody and that just sounds crazy, right? ‘Cause it totally is. Wait, you thought “Heroes” was a drama? Oh, you were (and probably still are) so, so wrong.

A lot of people thought “Heroes” was good in the first season. Sure, it was better than it is now, but even then it was just a bad “X-Men” rip-off. But at least show creator Tim Kring copped to that. Oh, wait. He didn’t. Instead of admitting he was a hack, he instead lauded himself as a genius for never hearing of these comic book characters and creating them out of thin in air in his own head. In my book, that doesn’t make you anything but a dumbshit writer. What’s next? He has the idea for a virgin birth and then starts his own religion and when someone mentions to him Jesus, he’ll have no idea who that was? And yeah, I’m comparing Jesus to “X-men.” If you haven’t heard of both you’re no better than Tim Kring. And yes, hack-beleivers, that is an insult AIMED AT YOU!

Thankfully, I have your beloved series “Heroes” to back up my claims. “Heroes” is definitely more comedic than it is a drama and every line seems to be the most cliched line a character could utter. And the stealing from better works continues on this season -- now they’re ripping off “Lord of the Ring” imagery, “Lost”, and afternoon soap operas! Well, I just can’t take it anymore.

The saddest part about the show that it has actually gotten so bad that it’s not even funny anymore. I remember laughing my way through much of season two and enjoying it’s badness. and nothing would top the comedy that came from the “Previously On” at the top of each episode -- marking all the Hacky Highlights and cliches that were hit upon the previous week. But then something happened. The hackiness hit an all-time high. The characters no longer talked in ridiculously funny, cliched lines, but just inane cliched lines. They’re filler. Like something you write that you plan to come back and fix later -- you just want to get the idea across. I guess they don’t do re-writes on “Heroes.” Either that, or someone has a totally different idea of what the term “filler” means. All this makes for a show that’s not good, funny, or interesting -- it’s just hacky, lazy writing. And if I want hacky, lazy writing, I can read some shit I wrote in college.

I could go on and on for days about how much I dislike this show and why you should stop watching it. But I don’t have that kind of time and the show hardly merits it. Plus, I’m really just here to let you know we cancelled our series -- “Guitar Heroes.” I wish NBC would take a cue from us at Not A Banana Productions and get rid of their own overpriced, bloated piece of hackiness they put on weekly called “Heroes.” They’d be glad they did.

Of course, what do you expect from the network that just renewed “Howie Do It”?



I’d like to apologize to any fans who were actually looking forward to the next webisodes -- I don’t believe you actually exist, but just in case...

And lastly to our cast: Sorry about dropping this project in the middle of its run. It just felt like it had to be done.

More comedy videos from http://www.notabanana.com to come...

And that’s not a promise... It’s a threat.

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